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Blackfoot Sunset

The mystic warriors of the plains known as the Blackfoot Indian tribes roamed the northern mid-west territories of the United States during the 1800's. The tribes followed the great buffalo migrations using their skills of hunting and horsemanship to provide for their families. They developed a singular refined culture that was expressed in their art, clothing, costumes, ceremonial items and weapons. Most all of these personal possessions were decorated and adorned in one form or fashion, signifying religious themes, nature, or physical manifestations of importance. The skill and workmanship of these artifacts today are highly sought after by collectors.

The Blackfoot tribes were known as the fiercest warriors in North America, and were feared by many of the other Indian Tribes they came into contact with. Lewis and Clark were the first explorers to document this. Their culture was highly organized and profoundly religious. Although they never built churches or wrote religious books, almost every part of their daily lives was bound up in their beliefs and religion. This accounted for the exceptional quality of everything they produced. They spoke of their God as the Great Spirit who was eternal and never ending. They believed he would guide their lives and destinies. They prospered during a romantic time of thundering herds of Buffalo and horses, pristine forests, and endless grasslands. And even though the days of these mystic warriors of the plains ended before the turn of the 19th century, their way of life and culture would become a permanent part of the history of America.

Third in the Frontier Collection

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