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Washington - 1890

Charge Accross the Harpeth

In the 1890's, there were a number of ways for residents and visitors to travel around Washington DC. From 1862 to modern times streetcars serviced people across the city and surrounding area. The first streetcars riding on tracks, were drawn by horses and would stop to pick up patrons at designated locations. However, fleet footed residents could jump on board a moving trolley.

Horse drawn carriages were another popular way locals and visitors were transported throughout the bustling city. Fares for a ride or "Hack" were not regulated at the time and drivers would charge what ever they could get. Some of the finer coaches charged more. Coaches were large comfortable boxes that hung on leather springs above four stout wheels, pulled by one or two horses. Harnesses and leather fittings were lavishly ornamented with brass and coaches had two oil lamps that provided lighting for evening travel.


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